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Just so you know if you are planning to come into our store to buy a part, please be mindful of this. The inventory at our store is not large enough to handle orders for all appliance parts. For this reason we have online ordering available for customers who don not mind waiting a day or two for their parts to come in. A customer service number is provided on our online ordering page to handle and questions or concerns you have. If you are looking for a common part like heating elements, lid switch, belts, knobs, baking element, please bring your old one with you so we can match them for you.

Parts Testing

We can help you test parts to help you troubleshoot a problem. Please don't forget to bring your parts with so you don't have to go back and fetch it. Remember to write down information about your part and bring it with you.

Have a question | Feel Free to contact us

We cover all fixes under our 60 day warranty on used appliances. New scratch and dents usually have 1 year factory warranty attached. If your warranty runs out and you still need services give us a call and we will take care of that for a small fee. In-shop or at-home appliance repair services for our customers are available upon request. We can diagnose your appliance for a small fee. There will be an additional charge if you choose to have us fix it. Please contact us at (614) 445- 8840 and ask for Pam. If you picked up your appliance at the time of purchase, you will need to bring it over to our store for services. Our technicians are among some of the best in the Columbus area with decades of experience in appliance repair. If you bought your appliance from us under warranty the fees above do not apply to you.

I did not buy my appliance(s) from AMC Store but I need it fixed.

Okay so you bought your appliance from a different store. You've had it for some time and all of a sudden it shuts down. We hear this all the time. Fact is things happen! But no worries. Due to the limited time for technicians at AMC store, we only service appliances that were purchased from our store only, however, if you can bring your defective appliance to our store we can diagnose and fix it for you.