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appliance coupons columbus ohio 1 Used refrigerators are some of the fastest selling appliances on our showroom floor. If your fridge is broken, don't wait another minute. We have several good models you can look at. Refrigerator technology continues to improve and we are always working to bring you some of the latest in the industry. The major brands we carry include Frigidaire, Electrolux, GE, Maytag, Whirlpool and Kenmore. Our large refrigerators are great for large family sizes and for those with small business such as restaurants and daycare centers. Many of the units we have are energy friendly and built to last for years. We have heard several customers tell us amazing positive reviews and others come back to buy from us. Stop by our showroom and choose from our large inventory. We offer No Credit Check Financing as well as delivery options. If you have your own truck, bring it with you to the store and we can have your appliance loaded up for free. We are located on Parsons Avenue, Columbus right at the corner of Marion Road. Bring any measurements you have and we will have one of our friendly sales reps help you find what you want and answer any questions you have. Remember to visit our coupon page by clicking the [Save Big] icon on the top left to save on used refrigerators. Please print the coupon you find there and present it at the store at the time of purchase. Coupon discounts are still valid on the day of expiration.  
Note: Used appliances move very quickly. Pictures below are some samples of what we often carry. Please call or stop by our store to see our showroom.

Rebuilt | Used Refrigerator Features

  • Large Capacity Fridges-- Store more perishable foods and keep them fresh a lot longer. Spillsafe feature is great for those who hate food spills.
  • See-through storage-- Find what you need with less moving and shifting. Make use of the see-through storage areas. 
  • More Custom Settings-- More control buttons helps with better cooling. Enjoy the newer fridge technology.
  • Save More Energy-- Many fridges out there run even when everyone at home is asleep. It makes sense to have energy effiencient units like what we have. 
  • Certified Inspection-- All used refrigerators are inspected and rebuilt to factory settings before sale. Replaced parts make appliances run like new.

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Used Refrigerators [Gallery]  
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