Panasonic/DVD-S500 Progressive Scan DVD Player

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The Panasonic DVD-S500 lets you enjoy high quality picture with other multi-format content with DVD/CD playback, Xvid, USB Playback and photo slideshow with MP3 Music. The power resume feature automatically creates and stores the chapter mark on certain intervals during playback of the contents in order to playback from the latest chapter marked when resumed from power supply issues. The DVD-S500 features CD Ripping which makes it easier than ever to archive your favourite music CDs onto a handy USB memory. Enjoy various content inputs including PC, portable audio player or other devices.

  • DVD player
  • CD ripping
  • Power resume DVD even after a power failure
  • Dustproof design
  • Multi-format playback
  • Progressive scan
  • Photo slideshow
  • USB input


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